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Services offered here at VetonCall – the number 1 vet service in Kenya

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Pet Emergency Care in Kenya

Emergencies strike anytime without prior notification. That’s where we step in, keep our contacts on your speed dial. These could range from;

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Wellness Exam

You don’t have to wait for your pet to get sick to visit/call us. Prevention is better than cure. We do wellness exam to early detect diseases/conditions. Diseases/conditions when detected early are easier to manage and your pet has higher chances of pulling through.

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We do a lot of tests which include but not limited to;

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Pet Vaccination in Kenya

On preventive medicine, we do various vaccinations for pets. Contact us for the various vaccination schedules.

NB: The diseases that are vaccinated against are highly contagious and fatal.

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Dental Care

Dental care involves teeth and gums exams to detect any dental diseases. Our services include dental scaling to remove dental tartar and extraction of rotten teeth.

NB; frequent dental scaling minimizes the formation of dental tartar which leads to periodontal diseases.

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House Calls around Nairobi, Kenya

We offer house calls on appointment at the comfort of your home: within Nairobi metropolitan area. Our team is flexible and time conscious

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Health Certificate/ Pet Relocation in Kenya

Are you relocating with your pet within Kenya or outside Kenya to over the world? We here for you. We do all exports tests to all countries in the world plus all the documentation. You can also consult us for relocation details.

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We do emergency surgeries, which include but not limited to: trauma, dog bites/fights, car run offs, injuries and drop offs from high buildings.

We also do elective surgeries which include and not limited to: neutering/castration, spay/ovariohysterectomy, declawing and cysts/tumor removal. We also do cosmetic surgeries.

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A microchip is a small electronic chip, implanted under a pets skin and has a unique number that can be scanned for identification and not for tracking purposes.

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Parasite Control

Pets are susceptible to parasites that cause disturbance and also transmit fatal diseases. Its advisable to have a regime for parasite control. Our prime parasites include and not limited to: fleas, mites and ticks. Contact us for your pets parasite control schedule.

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Deworming is something that is overly ignored but very important to your pet’s health. For puppies/kittens it should be done every 2 weeks till 3 months; then every 3 months for lifetime.

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